Book Two Content > Book Three Content > <h2>Answers from a Science book</h2> Answer from a Science book What will the future look like?         While nobody can accurately predict the future, it is possible to gain insight into the future by asking questions and gleaning information from the scientists, dreamers and thinkers who are working hard today to invent new technologies and systems that will change our world. Chapter 00 – Introduction, page 3      Title: Physics of the Future Author: Kaku, Michio  LC Classification: Q175.5.K275 2001 Science- General Click Here to purchase on Google Books Book Two Content > Book Three Content > <h2>Answers from a Business book</h2> Answer from a Business book What will the future look like?                   The future will be made brighter with the creative use of technology. Computers can teach humans how to work smarter and humans can use that wisdom to create new platforms of information in each industry. The resulting improved outcomes will positively impact society and enable smarter, more effective policies and networks that benefit consumers worldwide. Chapter 7 - Conclusion, Page 258 Title: How Google works Author: Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, with Alan Eagle LC Classification:  HD9696.8.U64G66647 2014
<h2>Answers from a Mathematics book</h2> Answer from a Mathematics - Probability book What will the future look like? The future will not look much like the past. Some elements will remain constant, geography, humans need for food, water, and shelter. But other elements are in fluctuation and will be determined by variables not constants. The future will change at the rate that these variables intersect and are allowed and encouraged to progress. Mathematics will be used to measure the constants and the variables, and will offer the first opportunity for predictive knowledge. Chapter 00 – Introduction, Page 1-2 Title: Predictive Knowledge 2015 and forward; Experts in the sciences and humanities explain how to use data PublisherAmerican Data Processing, 2015 LC Classification: QA273.A001 2015 Click Here to purchase on Google Books Book Two Content > Book Three Content > <h2>Answers from a Philosophy book</h2> Answer from a Philosophy book What will the future look like?                              People, because they have access to information everywhere, will soon be overwhelmed with “factual knowledge,” and yet still have a need for wisdom. The world will be run by “synthesizers,” people who can put together the right pieces of information at critical times, thinking and deciding wisely. Chapter 12 - To What End, page 269  Title:  Consilience: Unity of Knowledge Author: Wilson, Edward O. LC Classification: B72.W54 1998 Click Here to purchase on Google Books