Book Three Content > <h2>Answers from an Economic History and Conditions book</h2> Answer from an Economic History and Conditions book What will the future look like? People should make deliberate and intentional decisions based on lesson that have been learned in the past. In the future, we may see some of the same things, but we will see them in a new light. Instead of washing clothes and doing laundry, households of the future might recycle clothing into new items. People might print at homes the items they order online instead of waiting for delivery. Chapter 33 - Conclusion, page 367 Title: Who owns the future? Author: Jaron Lanier LC Classification: HC79.I55L365 2013 Click Here to purchase on Google Books Book Two Content > Book Three Content > <h2></h2> <h2>Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)</h2> [Stuffing Questions - Goal: Achieve 80% with as few questions as possible] What are the best books about the future? How will the future look?